On Site Storage Containers

Keep your equipment and valuables secure and shielded from the elements on your worksite with an Ausco Modular container. Our on site storage containers are scalable, durable and made with heavy-duty steel to withstand the toughest site conditions.

When you hire on site storage containers with Ausco Modular, you can choose from 10ft (3.0m x 2.4m) and 20ft (6.0m x 2.4m) prefabricated site containers, both of which are easy to transport on and off site, cost-effective and an optimal storage solution for your needs. Available to hire at our branches across Australia, our secure storage solutions deliver the mobility, safety and accessibility you need to keep your projects running smoothly.

Why Choose Ausco Modular for On Site Storage Container Hire?

At Ausco Modular, we deliver portable storage solutions that provide the space you need to get on with your business quickly, efficiently and to the highest standards. Our 10ft and 20ft on site storage containers provide:

  • Versatility: Our site containers can be used across a range of locations and to store a variety of equipment and materials.
  • Security: Site containers provide a strong, sturdy and durable storage solution that keeps your on-site valuables safe from theft.
  • Protection: Manufactured from high-quality steel, Ausco site containers provide protection from all weather conditions.

When you hire on site storage containers with Ausco Modular, you can rest assured they deliver the highest safety standards — our modular buildings and storage containers are designed, engineered, manufactured and maintained to Australian building standards, with our manufacturing locations accredited to Australian Quality Standard ISO9001.

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