Modular Building Delivery & Installation

A national procurement footprint means Ausco Modular can manage the delivery, relocation and installation of your buildings using its extensive network of transport companies.

This service is available for both hire and purchase and includes the return of hire buildings at the end of the hire period. Need to relocate your existing buildings? We can manage the move of hired buildings for multi-site projects. 

The very nature of modular construction makes installation a relatively quick and efficient process. Ausco Modular regularly manages the installation of its buildings, and in fact, it is the preferred avenue for most clients to take. It can provide a greater level of seamless delivery and reduces the number of suppliers involved.

For large projects, on-site installation is often undertaken concurrently with the manufacture to minimise the overall project timeline and maximise onsite resource efficiencies. Installation will often also include the provision of other infrastructure like sporting courts, footpaths, landscaping, bus stops and other complementary facilities.