Remote Accommodation Camps


Ausco Modular is the market leader in building transportable infrastructure for remote workforce camps. With 60 years of experience in the modular building industry, we take pride in continuously pushing the boundaries to offer the best possible product.

Our range of transportable accommodation and camp facilities is innovative in design, extending from mobile or fly-camp solutions to full and permanent mining camps. Our portable, prefabricated buildings allow for significant flexibility, thanks to their modular design, and the convenience of adding or removing buildings as your project needs change.

We know every project has a different requirement, so contact us on 13 62 11 to discuss how we can deliver a mobile accommodation solution that effectively manages the needs of your project.

What is a mobile camp?

Our ‘plug-and-play’ mobile accommodation camp model allows you to arrive and occupy; then move the camp when required, fully ready for occupation at the new location. If your project is time-sensitive and you need a quick and speedy set-up, then quality transportable accommodation, like a remote turnkey camp, that minimises set-up and installation times is the fastest and most efficient solution.

Our mobile camps are designed to accommodate 30-300 people quickly and are manufactured to endure frequent, rugged relocations along with fluctuating headcounts. With our modular camps that are ideal as permanent or temporary construction or mining camps, we deliver flexibility, comfort, rapid mobilisation, and operational cost efficiencies across the full lifecycle of all transitory-type projects.

No destination is too far off the map for us

With our expertise and knowledge in the mining and energy sector, we understand that the biggest projects can sometimes be the most remote. That’s why our transportable accommodation solutions are designed to be available in any location. 

Why Ausco?

Alongside our flexible range of high-quality permanent and transportable accommodation, we can design a fully functioning camp with everything that your workforce will need when living and working off-grid.  You can choose to have a permanent or temporary village and either way you decide, you will know you’re getting a solution that will withstand even the harshest climates.

With our remote camps we handle all the transport and installation, so you’re left to attract the best staff for your project. With premium facilities like gymnasiums, offices, fully furnished rooms, catering and water facilities, your team will feel comfortable while working away from home.

Home away from home

Ausco Modular provides a range of other options for regional and remote workforce accommodation to suit a variety of needs – like our managed camp solutions, Stayover by Ausco. Stayover by Ausco is a managed accommodation solution that gives you a fully functioning resort-style camp in exchange for a simple nightly charge. With 24/7 reservations and state-of-the-art dining, this solution is perfect for many mining projects. The flexibility of Stayover by Ausco is unrivalled – you can choose to use one room or 200. It’s up to you. 

If you're unsure about the type of workforce camp you need, but you know it has to be the best, call Ausco Modular today on 13 62 11

Amrun Village, 40 kilometres south of Weipa on the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland.

Remote Workforce Camp


Anytime, anywhere

Plug and play mobile camps are ready to mobilise to any location in Australia, including Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

Ausco Mobile moves with you

When you need to keep projects moving to the next location, our team will be there to move the camp, ready again for occupying where and when you need it.

We change when you change

It’s easy to change your camphire with Ausco Mobile. From a three month hire to 18 months - or anything in between - Ausco Mobile works with you to optimise your solution to suit your project timeframes.

Similarly, with the capacity to house up to and over 500 individuals at any one time, we can accommodate fluctuating workforce requirements quickly and with ease.


What is a mobile camp?


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